Below you will find a range of resources available to download.  If you have any you would like to share with your colleagues via this website please send 

Abuse, Neglect and Safeguarding

Abuse and Neglect - NSCCP Learning including; DA; FGM; Harmful Sexual Behaviour; Emotional, Physical, Sexual & Online Abuse.

Institute of Child Protection Studies – Kids Central Toolkit, Videos and Research

Neglect Practitioners Toolkit

Sex, Secrets & Lies - A booklet to help young people understand CSE

Safeguarding and child protection in schools  -  NSPCC Learning

ACE's and Trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

ACE Poster

ACE Informed Approach

ACEs  -  Short six-minute video explaining ACEs and their impact

Childhood Trauma - the facts

Trauma in childhood - the facts

Trauma Informed research for direct work with children

Trauma resources from Beacon House 


Universal Credit  - Families having difficulties claiming can now get help from the Citizens Advice Bureau 

Universal Credit - Helping someone make a claim

Child Development

Attachment - Basic Information Booklet

Brain Development and Maltreatment 

Child Development - Stages of 

Learning and Play

Speech & Language, Social Skills, for Parents, for Teachers - NHS Resources


Mental Health - Advice for Parents and Teachers of secondary age children

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Supporting in secondary schools

Mental Health & Wellbeing - A resource for teachers and practitioners to improve children's and young people’s understanding of their wellbeing


Big Life Journal. Sign up for FREE printables  which look like this

'Parenting Reminders'  - a range of useful Fridge Posters to stick on the fridge door

Positive Parenting – A Need to Know Guide for parents from the NSPCC

Activities and Toys - to support caregiver–child interaction in the early years


Media Smart  -  Free teaching resources and parent guides on subjects like social media, body image and influencer market.

Solution Focused Practise Toolkit - NSPCC Resources

Teachers Guide.  Free worksheets, Smartboard Templates, and Lesson Plans for Teachers

Tools and resources across a range of issues