Levels of Vulnerability and Need

 Levels of Vulnerability and Need


The purpose of the above Levels of Vulnerability and need model is to help practitioners identify children or young people's degree of vulnerability and need and respond appropriately. 

This model should be used in conjunction with the Local Safeguarding Childrens Board (LSCB) document: Continuum of Need

If you believe the needs of the child(ren) reach Statutory Level, you can contact Children's Social Care through the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and/or use the Inter Agency Referral form.

The Local Children's Safeguarding Board (LCSB) gives guidance with an Escalation Policy; which aims to prevent disputes and outline procedures to be followed when threshold disputes cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation.

Further Support

Please contact the following services if you would like to talk through the needs you have identified to help clarify your next step.

If you are not sure about the level of need, please contact the service you think is the closest to the level of need you have identified.

Children's Information Service

for advice and guidance at Universal Level

Art Brokerage

for advice and guidance at Universal and Universal Plus Levels

Family Support Hub

for advice, guidance and support at the Plus Partnership Level

BDP Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and Out of Hours 

for advice, guidance and support at the Statutory Level

An Out of Hours Guide for Professionals