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BCP Children and Adult Social Care Contacts  -  APRIL 2019

BCP Structure Chart  -  Updated JUNE 2019

Private Fostering in the new BCP Council - April 2019

Privacy Statement Early Help - Full Version


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Child Criminal Exploitation - Counting Lives, Childrens Society Report

Children's Commissioner report re: County Lines and Gang Related Offending (select the report 'Keeping Kids Safe')  -  MARCH 2019

Keeping Children Safe in Education - SEPTEMBER 2018

'Information Sharing Advice for Practitioners' - JULY 2018

'Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools'  -  DECEMBER 2018

Mental Health of Children in England

OFSTED - Early Help, Whose Responsibility?

Realising the Potential of Early Intervention

School Exclusions - What is Legal ?

'Working Together to Safeguard Children' - JULY 2018