Getting Support with the Early Help Contact Form

What is a Early Help Contact Form 

The Early Help Contact Form is for practitioners, who at any time during the Early Help process, require additional support.

You can complete a Early Help Contact Form and send to the Family Support Hub with a copy of the signed Privacy Statement to request any of the following:

  • Information and advice on a case.
  • Support to develop/review a delivery plan.
  • Information on services and resources for children, young people and their family.
  • Support with establishing a Team Around the Family (TAF).
  • Support to complete an Early Help Assessment.
  • Request access to intensive support services.

The Process

When a Early Help Contact Form is submitted to the Family Support Hub it runs through a triage system. Any with simple needs that can be met by the triage team are actioned as soon as possible. All others are split into two groups:

  1. Triage assess that support is required at Universal Plus to lower end of Plus Partnership level.
  2. Triage assess that support is required at the higher end of Plus Partnership.

Groups 1 & 2 alternate at the weekly Friday morning Multi-agency meetings (previously called allocations meeting).  

A multi-agency group of professionals meet to consider possible outcomes of Early Help Contacts and make decisions regarding the next steps. 

Possible outcomes of this may be:

  • Further support to enable the practitioner to carry on working with the child, young person and their family.
  • Allocation to one of the specialist Family Support Hub teams to offer enhanced support whilst you maintain the role of Lead Professional.
  • Allocation to one of the specialist Family Support Hub teams to lead on the case and assume role of Lead Professional.
  • Escalation to Childrens Social Care.