​Child Neglect

is the most frequent type of abuse of children and is the most common reason for a child to be the subject of a child protection plan or on a child protection register in the UK.  

The Practitioner's Neglect Toolkit has been developed to support practitioners to undertake effective assessments that enable them to accurately identify appropriate cases in need of early help or onward referral to Children’s Social Care. 

Often cases of child neglect can be improved or completely resolved with the support of effective Early Help packages of support before they become serious enough for Children's Social Care to be involved. It is therefore important that professionals are able to identify the early signs and act upon them. 

For advice on early concerns regarding child neglect contact the:

Family Support Hub

01202 456884

Children's social care investigates many of these cases every day, and if it is severe enough the police will be involved in the investigations.

Child neglect is a form of child abuse and is the on-going failure to meet a child's basic needs, including:

  • Physical neglect is failing to provide food, clothing or shelter. Failing to adequately supervise a child or provide a safe place to live.

  • Emotional neglect is failing to provide love, care and attention, and failing to support and nurture a child.

  • Educational neglect is failing to ensure a child receives an education.

  • Medical neglect is failing to provide adequate health or dental care, including refusal of care or ignoring medical requirements.

In the course of your professional work you may see or suspect neglect. Please take responsibility for any safeguarding concerns by raising them with your manager or senior staff and ensure they are appropriately reported and acted upon.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)  

During office hours (Mon-Thurs 8.30 -5.15; Friday 8.30- 4.45)    

01202 735 046

Out of Hours Service (OOHS): 01202 738 256​​​

If a child is in immediate danger contact the Police:  999

Download Practitioner's Neglect Toolkit and Strategy​​​

Abuse and Neglect - NSCCP Learning including; DA; FGM; Harmful Sexual Behaviour; Emotional, Physical, Sexual & Online Abuse.


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