Child Exploitation

In an emergency or if a crime is ongoing always dial 999.  If you have any concerns that a child you know may be a victim of Child Exploitation contact the First Response Hub:

01202 735046


Child Exploitation Toolkit (April 2019)

The Child Exploitation Toolkit replaces the previous CSE Tools, and should be used in any instance where you are concerned a child is being exploited, through either sexual or criminal means, including:

The Toolkit comprises both tools and guidance’s.

The Screening Tool will help to determine if a full Risk Assessment is warranted, please see the Practitioner Guidance. All this can be found in the Child Exploitation Toolkit

If the Risk Assessment scores as Emerging, the child is at risk of being exploited or the risk of harm is possible. A Lead Practitioner from the Team Around the Family (TAF) should be identified (not necessarily the Lead Professional) and the  MACE Meeting Template should be used along-side the TAF Plan & Review. Both processes should run concurrently with probably the same team of professionals. Please see the MACE Meeting Practitioner Guidance for further information.  If there is no TAF or you need further advice and guidance, please contact the First Response Hub.

In cases where a Moderate (signs of, but no clear evidence of exploitation leading to significant harm) or Significant risk is identified, the Risk Assessment should be emailed to the First Response Hub:  You can speak to the First Response Hub for further advice and guidance.


Supporting Children at risk of, or experiencing child exploitation

It is essential that children considered to be at risk of exploitation receive support that is appropriate for the risks they face. This can range from prevention work for those children considered low risk, raising awareness and educating them about the risks of exploitation; through to direct intervention with the child to reduce current risk, or provide support and interventions for those already exploited.  It is also important to consider parents and the support they may require to enable them to better inform, support or protect their child.


Partner Information Sharing and Request Form

The Information Sharing and Request Form is a simple way to share information with Dorset Police to help keep people safe. It should be used to provide details of any concerns about people who pose a risk to, or target, groom or sexually abuse young people or vulnerable adults.

It can be used to record concerns about individuals or groups who pose a risk through exploitation, targeting and abusing sexually or through other criminal means such as county lines.


Other Useful Contacts and Resources:

Abuse and Neglect - NSCCP Learning including; DA; FGM; Harmful Sexual Behaviour; Emotional, Physical, Sexual & Online Abuse. 

Barnardos - National leaders in CSE

BCP Social Care - Children

​Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse

Childrens Commissioner - Preventing CSE 

Escapeline- Factsheets on Child Exploitation  

Free toolkit to help prevent children from being sexually abused

NHS – How to spot CSE

PANTS (NSPCC) wide range of resources - These include support packs for parents/carers/foster parents and lesson plans for schools, videos, case studies and the 'classic' PANTS song!

Online Sexual Harm Reduction Guide - Marie Collins Foundation 

Safeguarding Children at Risk from Criminal Exploitation 'It was Hard to Escape' - Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

Sex, Secrets & Lies - A booklet to help young people understand CSE


FREE Tools and Resources​ for working with children, young people and their parents.​