BCP Young Carers

What is a Young Carer

Young Carers are young people under eighteen years who provide care for any adult or child within the same family. The ‘care’ can include practical or emotional support.


What is The BCP Young Carers Offer?

Being a young carer can affect young people differently and the service has a range of face to face and on-line support options available to meet the individual needs of that young carer. This support could be directly from the BCP Service or via charities and partner organisations offering support to young carers. Some examples of the support that could be offered are:

  • Signposting to services that provide for young carers e.g. groups, arts or sports activities, residentials, the young carers celebration event, counselling or financial support for a hobby or interest.
  • Someone to listen to the young carer and offer them support.
  • Specific activities and groups where young carers can meet other children and young people in a relaxed environment.


How do I make a request for young carers support?

Young people, families and professionals can all make contact with the BCP Young Carers Service to request a young carer’s assessment. They can also get information on the BCP Young Carers Offer as well as the offer from a number of local and national charities who also provide services for young carers.

Please contact the Children’s First Response Hub on:

01202 735046