Early Help Assessments

From 1st April 2019, new versions of the Early Help Assessment (EHA) and TAF Plan & Review (Team Around the Family) are available to use and download from this page.

The EHA is a tool designed to help practitioners work with a family to identify their children's needs and enable a group of practitioners to come together and form a TAF. 

The Role of the Team Around the Family (TAF)

Is to create a bespoke Support Plan to bring about planned changes which address the Critical Worries identified in the Early Help Assessment. This will lead to improved outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

Information Sharing is an important part of this process.

The Steps to Open and Complete an Early Help Assessment

1.  Make sure an Early Help Assessment is not already in place, or open to Childrens Social Care (CSC), by contacting:

     01202 456884


2.  Ensure you are familiar with Early Help Assessment Process Flowchart

3.  Ensure the family understand the Privacy Statement and have signed a copy to verify their understanding.

4.  If necessary, please see the LSCB procedure for 'Hard to Engage Families' found in the Pan-Dorset Multi-Agency Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Manual

5.  Download and use the Early Help Assessment to record and analyse the information you have gathered. 

Early Help Assessment

This is a one size fits all document which you can 'grow' to fit the size of the family you are assessing. Please see Using the EHA & TAF Plan Guidance which explains how to do this.

If an up-to-date assessment is already in place, such as a CSC Multi Agency Assessment you would not need to reassess using the EHA.  Use the CSC Assessment and move straight to the Turnaround Families Checklist and TAF Plan & Review. 

6.  Complete the Turnaround Families Checklist.

7.  Register the Early Help Assessment (please include a copy of the signed Privacy Statement and completed Turnaround Families Checklist) by securely emailing it to :


8.  Once the Early Help Assessment and Turnaround Families Checklist have been completed, agreed and registered.  Use the TAF Plan & Review to record actions and review progress at each Team Around the Family meeting.  An updated version of this document must be securely emailed to eha.submissions@bcpcouncil.gov.uk after each Review.

9.  If during this process, you believe the needs of the child(ren) reach Statutory Level, you can contact Children's Social Care through the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and/or use the Inter Agency Referral form.

The Local Children's Safeguarding Board (LCSB) gives guidance with an Escalation Policy;  which aims to prevent disputes and outline procedures to be followed when threshold disputes cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation.

Closing an Early Help Assessment

You must email eha.submissions@bcpcouncil.gov.uk to advise an Early Help Assessment has been closed and attach the final TAF Plan & Review and the Turnaround Families Checklist with the final column completeted.

For Further Help

For guidance on using the Early Help Assessment form or TAF Plan & Review form, please contact:


01202 456265 

The Family Support Hub can give ​​​advice on potential Team Around the Family (TAF) membership and next steps with the Support Plan.

They may ask you to fill in a Early Help Contact Form

The ART Brokerage Service can give advice on potential services and resources to help meet the needs you have identified through the Early Help Assessment.  ​


Training for the Early Help Assessment and TAF Plan & review is contained within the following modules:  

Early Help Arrangements Modules 1 & 2 

Early Help Arrangements Module 3